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It might seem that it is a phenomenon of the 21st century to have sparkling teeth with the aid of a whitening strip or custom bleaching tray. But if you are here at crosquare, let us tell you that this technique of teeth whitening has been present in some form or the other for a long time.  The history related to teeth whitening can be well traced back to the ancient times. In 3000 B.C. people never used a brush for brushing their teeth. They used chew sticks that were small twigs that individuals chewed and they scraped off any particle present on the teeth.

During the 17th century barbers took care of everyone’s hair as well as teeth. Dentals remedies were not abundant, so barbers were seen to fix most of the issues by pulling the teeth that caused problem. Barbers also offered teeth whitening by making use of metal files on the teeth before they applied nitric acid for wearing away any stain. This process was not comfortable and it also caused damage to the enamel. Thus it made the teeth more susceptible for tooth decay.

Then finally in the 80s dentists found a new technique. Peroxide was used as an antiseptic gel orally for treating the gums. Dentists actually tried various ways for keeping this gel longer on the gums. It very fast became apparent that a side effect of this treatment actually whitened the teeth. Thus it was noticed that the hydrogen peroxide that was used for treating gums also whitened teeth.


Soon there followed the mass marketing of tooth-whitening products. Development of trays as well as gels took place for teeth whitening. Thus now we do not have to make use of sticks, ammonia or any metal file. Thus teeth whitening are the most famous cosmetic dentistry technique nowadays.

So if you believe in the old saying “The whiter your teeth, the wealthier people you are, then you must take a look at crosquare. All your queries to teeth whitening will be answered well and taken care of properly. So book an appointment today and avail the best dental care that you can.


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